We work with visionary leaders to produce highly engaging media that transforms lives, educates audiences and turns messages into movements.

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Majik Media uses entertainment as a vehicle to
teach people skills, transform lives & spread important messages. 

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Online Courses

We specialize in crafting highly engaging, binge-worthy, transformational eCourses
for visionary leaders & entrepreneurs.


Production Services

Produce your videos, audio & livestreamed workshops with our team of professional
and experienced media magicians.


Viral Messaging Videos

Mix your message with our creativity and we’ll produce captivating, viral-worthy marketing videos & educational content together.

Engage. Inspire. Transform.

The world needs your gifts to be shared, your voice to be heard and your unique flair to be felt. With the human attention span dying at an alarming rate, leaders such as yourself must produce professional media that not only delivers your important message, but effectively engages your audience so that people are inspired and lives are transformed.

Our Majik Formula

While most course creators focus solely on curriculum design, we focus on the 3 pillars required for producing transformational, binge-worthy media. The same design process applies to viral messaging videos & campaigns.


Craft a powerful step-by-step process that leads students towards
a lasting transformation.


Create an engaging learning experience that keeps them inspired every step of the way.


Build a thriving culture around your message and movement so students stick around for more.

Our Process

1. Strategize

Clear intent, mixed with a solid strategy is the recipe for making Majik.


From idea to production and launch, we design with your audience in mind.

3. Produce

Don't just "make videos."
We produce binge-worthy media that transforms lives.

4. Launch

Stand out as the go-to leader in your field and inspire the masses.

Our courses

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The Art of Binge-Worthy Courses

Take 90-minutes and map out your binge-worthy course that sells in our signature mini-course that teaches you to craft a highly engaging, transformational course.
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The Great eCourse Adventure

In our flagship course & community, we will take you step-by-step from idea to profitable launch. We cover everything from curriculum design, to production, marketing & more...
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Green Screen Magic

Transform your ordinary videos into captivating, entertaining, pro-quality educational media that your students can't stop binge-watching!
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Going Mighty

Build your dream community or membership platform. We take you from strategy, to technical set up, monetization strategy, automation & growing your tribe.

Our Services

Full-service media production for visionary businesses.


Our vision mapping process will clarify your focus & give you a map to make Majik happen.


This encompasses everything that happens from your strategy to production to launch.


Producing world-class media, requires a team of talented Majik makers. Hi, that's us!

Case Studies

Survive The Storms Banner
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Survive The Storms

An interactive online adventure that teaches participants essential survival skills & helps them create a real-life disaster preparedness plan in 7-days.

Meet The team

Bradley T. Morris

Executive Producer & CEO

Bradley is an ideas and strategy guy. He has a gift for designing powerful curriculums, communicating messages & ideas clearly and coming up with creative ways to share your gifts. He balances that with his ability to see the steps required to get from idea to launch. For fun, he plays pro golf and goes on adventures with his wife and son.


Join our community of visionary leaders and explore our library of courses that teach everything from course creation, camera confidence, video & audio production & more.


Hire us to produce an awe-inspiring digital product or marketing media to scale your impact. From strategy to production & launch, we offer everything you need to succeed.